• Gumsung PoongRyuck Co., Ltd. with a number of different products to choose from, is a specialized manufacturer of fans that designs, manufactures, and sells all types of products including industrial, air conditioning, construction/equipment, etc. by using its own data, and has expanded its customers' choices by providing a variety of models. A special emphasis is placed on performance through AMCA certifications/high efficiency certifications/KARSE certifications, etc., and we design and manufacture customized products that follow the trends through precise performance and quality inspections conducted by AMCA testing facilities and KSA standards.
GTA-AA Series
  • BLOWER-AA Series have wind pressure much higher than a Turbo fan, and use as The capacity is the interior and exterior 3% of Static Pressure. It is used for pressurization of a variety of furnaces. Air transportation, and a variety of GAS sending, and upon receipt of your order, Special products will wind pressure of 800mmAq~1,200mmAq are available.